Chemical Peels

VIP Chemical Peel Treatment

V.I.P. Cosmetic Surgery is proud to offer the Nobel Prize winning Cosmedix Chirally Correct Chemical Peels.

Due to the high cost of Chiral Correction, most mainstream brands of cosmetics and skincare do not purify their ingredients. Unfortunately, when harmful molecules are left complete, to cause inflammation and irritation, the skin will start to show signs of premature ageing. The ingredients in COSMEDIX chemical peels and the daily use home products have been highly purified to their most natural, potent form, resulting in ultimate effectiveness.

COSMEDIX are medical grade products, derived from plants and active botanicals, which work to stimulate, correct and repair the skin. Chirally Correct chemical peels are associated with better ingredients, less downtime and fewer unfavourable side effects than other chemical peels. No anaesthesia is required and they are safe enough to be repeated bi-monthly.

COSMEDIX use potent antioxidants and alternatives to harsh products such as GLYCOLIC ACID. Instead of glycolic, Cosmedix uses L-Lactic Acid. This softens the cells of the skin and encourages gentle exfoliation.


Did you know that four FDA studies have reported that using glycolic acid increases skin absorption of UV radiation by up to 10 times more?


Ageing Skin
Dull, weathered skin
Excessive sebatic oils
Post acne scarring
Blackheads & whiteheads
Blotchy pigmentation
Stretch Marks
Sun spots
Dark skin discolouration
Scarring (non-keloidal)


Face/Neck Peel
Body Lift Peel

Please note that some skin preparation might be needed before the peel is applied. This can take anything from 10 days to 4 weeks, depending on the area. V.I.P. stocks all COSMEDIX pre and post peel kits and skin nutrition products, to encourage healing from the inside out.

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