Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer to Face, Breasts and Buttocks

Fat transfer, also known as” lipomodelling” or “fat graft” is simply the removal of fat from one part of the body and injected into another. The most commonly treated areas are the Face,  the Breasts and Buttocks.

Fat transfer to the breasts may be done to even out any asymmetry, correct any small deformities or give just a small enlargement. The latter is the most common for ladies that would prefer not to have breast implants but the size difference that can be achieved is small – possibly up to one size bigger.

Fat Transfer to Face

Fat transfer to face can often be done alongside a face lift or other facial surgery like eyelid bag removal (blepharoplasty) but is also done as a standalone procedure to reposition fat that has dropped due to age, where skin and muscle have lost tone and elasticity. In the right patient it can be the ideal procedure to turn back the clock without having major surgery. This method helps to enhance and restore the youthful contour of the face including the Brow, Temple, Cheek bone areas, Lips, Chin and areas of cheeks.

The fat is first taken through liposuction from a suitable body area, usually abdomen or flanks. The fat is then injected using a needle and syringe in to the chosen area – as a needle is used, there are only puncture marks on the skin and hence minimal scarring.

Following a fat transfer operation, there will be bruising and swelling to both the liposuction and injection sites and this will subside over a couple of weeks.

It may be necessary to have the fat transfer surgery repeated at a later date as there is no guarantee that the fat cells will all stay put and not get reabsorbed. Your consultant will explain this to you in detail at your consultation.

Fat Transfer – Breasts

Choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery to improve the size or shape of the breasts comes with many decisions; one of which is whether to replace the traditional silicone breast implants with your own body fat.

As an alternative breast enhancement option, a fat transfer procedure takes fat from another area of the body- for example the abdomen or thighs and replacing it in a different location. Because the fat is your own, the risk of complications is much lower than that of silicone breast implants and most importantly the results look subtle.

A body jet fat transfer allows to minimally enhance the size of the breasts or improve the volume in parts of the breast that may lack due to breast feeding or weight loss. Also for women who wish to add small amount of volume to the upper part of the breasts, the fat transfer procedure can boost fullness to the area in a natural way.

There are various reasons why fat transfer is a reliable alternative way for breast enhancement:

1. There are no foreign objects being placed within the body during bodyjet fat transfer procedures unlike the silicone implants. Fat is harvested from your own body and replaces where it is needed.

2. The fat transfer method is a more gentle approach to gaining breast volume. There are no large incisions made, just small ones to enable the surgeon to take and replace the fat.

3. The results are natural looking and gives a boost in volume of upper breat which is something most women look for.

4. For women who would like subtle results than alter the shape of their breast, the fat transfer procedure is most appealing.

5. It is the safest and more reliable to subtly improve breast volume without undergoing the traditional boob job.


Fat Transfer to Buttocks:

Fat transfer to buttocks is a very useful and effective method of correcting deformities of the buttock and correcting the shape with enhancement. This is best done safely by placing the fat limited to the depressed areas in the subcutaneous plane, under low pressure. Avoiding injections in to the muscle and blood vessels help to reduce risks.

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