Anaesthetic for your Operation

Types of Anaesthetic for your Operation, Recovery and Pain Relief after the Procedure

Most plastic surgery procedures are done either under general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic with or without sedation.

Pre operative Assessment:

Once you agree to have an operation, you will be asked to attend a preoperative assessment of your general  health to assess for the fitness for surgery. If there are any concerns,  they are discussed with the Consultant anaesthetist to ensure that your health is in an optimum state to undergo the procedure safely.

On the day:
On the day of the operation, the consultant anaesthetist will see you before the operation, taking a full medical history and explain what to expect from the anaesthetic and recovery thereafter. Consultant Anaesthetist will also  answer any queries you might have.

After you arrive at the operating theatre from the ward, a small plastic cannula  is usually placed into a vein at the back of the hand and an anaesthetic is administered through this into your blood circulation sending you off to “sleep”.  There are options for people who may have needle phobia.

Once the  operation is over, they stop the anaesthetic and wake you up. You are cared for by an expert , multidisciplinary team right through this journey and given adequate pain relief to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

The General  anaesthetic can take various forms including using anaesthetic gases or drugs given into your bloodstream through the intravenous cannula.  ( Total IntraVenous Anesthesia -TIVA ).  We work with senior experienced and caring anaesthetic consultants who have extensive experience in a variety of anaesthetic techniques for plastic surgery operations.

For some specific  operations, if the patient prefers, it may be feasible to conduct the  operation under local anaesthetic, combined with either light or heavy sedation provided by the anaesthetist .

The various options  can be discussed further at the time when you  confirm your wish to proceed with the operation.

Pain Relief:

Patients are given appropriate medications to help to relieve the pain after the procedure and will be given the pain killers to take home.

Our goal is a satisfied patient with a smile!

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