Cheek Implants

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Plastic surgery is a way to change the appearance of a certain part of the body by going under the knife, such as with cheek implants. Plastic surgery usually involves taking some part away from the body or adding to it. For example, rhinoplasty can include making the nose smaller and breast reductions reduce the size of the breast while breast implants will make the size of the chest larger and shapelier.

Over time the aging process can take a toll on the face. There can be parts of the face that were once full and youthful that over time will lose their full, rounded nature. One of the places on the face where this can occur is in the cheeks. Sometimes aging will make the face appear sallow or sunken in and no amount of facial skin tightening will put back what was once there. If a face once had naturally high cheekbones and fleshy cheeks this appearance can be recreated with cheek implants.

Fat grafting may be a useful alternative to cheek implants. The patient’s own fat can be removed from one site on their body (say their tummy, thighs or bottom) and re-injected into the cheeks to restore their youthful volume and shape.

Cheek implants, or fat grafting, can create a more sculpted look on the face and will make it look less sallow and more structured. The actual surgery is fairly short lasting about an hour. . It is important not to schedule any big parties or events right after the surgery because the face will need to take time for the swelling to go down before it looks normal.

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