Chin Augmentation

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There are many types of plastic surgery that people decide to get on their bodies and face. Some types of surgery are more common like liposuction and face lifts because these types of surgery treat a problem that many people have, excess fat and wrinkles. There are also other less common types of plastic surgery that are designed for people with less common problems. Not everyone has a recessed chin but for people that do there is the option of getting chin augmentation surgery to enhance the look of the chin and create a more sculpted jawline.

People with a recessed or a small chin find that their silhouette can sometimes look weak in the mirror. Though it may be hard for someone without a recessed chin to empathise with someone who does have one, it can be a cosmetic issue. Chin augmentation surgery is quite simple and the surgery involves making an incision either underneath the chin, or inside the lower lip, and inserting a chin implant so the finished result is a more prominent chin and a stronger jaw.

As an alternative to using a chin implant, the patient’s own fat can be removed from one site on their body (say their tummy, thighs or bottom) and re-injected into the chin to increase the chin projection and size.

Before the surgery the patient should meet with the doctor so they can have a consultation and decide the best approach. After the consultation the patient comes in for the actual surgery which takes an hour or so. It is advisable to take a week off work to recover and to avoid contact sports for up to six weeks after surgery.

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