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Many people find that even after dieting and working out there are areas of their body that they do not like. Fat can accumulate in certain areas on the body that can be hard to lose. Exercise only decreases the overall bodyweight so if there are problem areas on the body where there is excess fat it can be reduced using liposuction (lipo).

Many women find that excess fat gathers on their thighs, hips, midsection and arms and that no amount of exercise can decrease this fat. The surgical option to remove this fat is with liposuction. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that involves using a cannula and suction to remove the fat from an area on the body.

Liposuction is also known as removal of excess body fat through small using suction. Recently few newer techniques have become more popular which include Laser assisted liposuction or Ultrasonic assisted liposuction (Vaser). Liposuction is a useful method to remove excess fat from various parts of body including Tummy, Legs and thighs, Hips and knee area, Buttocks, breast and Face.

This procedure is normally carried either with full anaesthesia (Sleep) or under local anaesthesia (Awake). It is carried out in an operating theatre. Areas from where fat need to be removed will be marked up by you surgeon prior to surgery. Under anaesthesia Small (up to 1/2cm) holes will be made around the area where the fat need to be removed from Canula (A metal straw) will be introduced thro this holes and fat be will broken down and sucked out using suction machine. Once the adequate fat has been removed the holes will be stitched back and small dressing will be applied to these areas.

Liposuction surgery can last from one to two hours per session. One session of lipo would be focused on one area of the body such as the midsection. If you wanted to get lipo on several sections of the body like the arms and legs as well, another session of liposuction would be needed for each additional area or you could have several areas addressed in one sitting. Though the surgery is quite short in duration there is some healing time involved. You may be able to go home on the day of surgery, or there may be an overnight stay. After this it is advisable to not be involved in strenuous activity for a day or so but after this time day to day activities can be resumed. There can be some light bruising associated with liposuction but it generally goes away within a few days following the surgery so it is nothing to be worried about long-term. There is often swelling of the area and so the final result may not be apparent for several months.

It is normally recommended to wear pressure garments (Elasticated Clothing) to apply pressure for few weeks after surgery. Usually areas where fat has been removed will be bruised and tender to touch for 3 to 4 weeks. Swelling will late few weeks to settle down. It is normal to get back to most of the daily activities after a week.


This procedure is helpful to remove unwanted fat from the body and allows contouring the curves of the body.


Liposuction is mostly a safe procedure. However there are risks associated with it as with any other procedures including swelling, infection, bleeding, irregularity on the surface, Fat embolism, blood clot in the legs and lung. Very rarely liposuction to tummy can cause injury to the bowel

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How much fat can be removed from the body at one time? It can be between from25 ml up to 6 litres. Risk of complication increases with larger volume removal.
  2. I have large tummy will the liposuction be beneficial? Certainly it will help to remove the fat, however you may need skin excess removal in the form of Tummy tuck
  3. I am a 38 years old man enlarged breasts, Can I have liposuction to correct this? If the breast tissue is not very hard then liposuction will be ideal if not you will need both Liposuction and removal of the tissue by surgery
  4. My Inner side thighs are rubbing against each other, I think my thighs are large. Can I have liposuction to correct this? Liposuction will be ideal solution for you r problem
  5. I had 3 surgery to my tummy in the past, My doctor said I have a hernia Can I Have a liposuction to correct this? If you have hernia, Hernia needs surgical correction, if you wish to have some fat excess removed Liposuction can be considered.

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