Prominent ear correction

VIP Prominent Ear Correction

Prominent ear correction, or otoplasty, is generally done during childhood or the teenage years, although adults are good candidates as well. When considering otoplasty for a child, it is best to make sure that the child is mature enough to understand the procedure. The child must also be prepared to avoid contact sports and strenuous activity during the healing period, since any blows to the head can cause bleeding and poor results.

The surgery for prominent ear correction generally lasts one to two hours. General anaesthesia is preferred for children, while teenagers and adults will be given a choice of general or local anaesthetic. During the procedure, the surgeon will make a cut behind the ear, and then bend it towards the head by reshaping the cartilage. Since only the back is cut, there will be no visible scarring unless you look very closely around the back of the ear.

After surgery, the head will be wrapped in a large bandage, to ensure that the shape is maintained. Patients who have undergone otoplasty should take it easy for five to seven days after the procedure, but may return to normal activities and work or school after that. A child’s teacher should be notified to monitor his or her activity for several weeks to avoid serious injury. Surgery risks include problems with the head bandage, excessive scar tissue formation (keloid), blood collection in the ear that may require draining, infection, or incomplete correction

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