Lip Enhancement

VIP Lip Enhancement

There are many indicators of a youthful appearance. Some people think that when their skin looks more radiant they appear more youthful while others would attribute a swollen and full set of lips to an attractive and sensual appearance. While some women would prefer to get breast implants to appear fuller and curvier there are others that do not feel as comfortable going under the knife and getting surgery to improve their appearance. The good thing is that there are less invasive ways to improve the appearance that do not include going under the knife to get results.

It is a generally accepted idea that big and swollen lips indicate youthfulness. There are ways to gain a sexy and pretty pout without going under the knife. Lip enhancement is just one of the ways that the lips can be enlarged.

Lip enhancement is created by injecting or inserting a substance into the lips. There are different ‘fillers’ available to enhance, or augment, the lips and each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Temporary filler substances include Restylane, Teosyal or Perlane. These fillers are simply injected into the lips to achieve the desired effect. This usually takes place in the consultation suite or treatment room. Lip injection enhancement with temporary fillers is usually not permanent but it can last for up to 12 months before you need new injections. It is safe to return for many maintenance and routine injections.

For more permanent filling, a soft silicone strip can be inserted into the lip via a small cut at the corner of the mouth. This fills the lip beautifully and is soft and pliable. If a full lip is no longer desired, then the Permalip implant can be easily removed. Another excellent permanent filler is to use the patient’s own fat. Fat can be removed from one area (such as the tummy, love handles, thighs or bottom) and can be injected into the patient’s lips. Over time the injected fat becomes a part of the actual tissues within the lips giving the lips a permanent swollen and enlarged look.

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