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As people age, one of the common things that happens to the face is that it begins to sag. As the skin on the face loses elasticity and begins to sag the brow can droop causing the skin above the eye to fall. This often creates the look of extra skin around the eyelid and worsening of crows feet. Subconsciously, people with drooping brows tend to lift them using their forehead muscles and this leads to deep brow wrinkles.

Though people fight it as they may, with anti aging creams, serums and by wearing sunscreen, there is only so much preventative work that can be done to stop the oncoming of wrinkles and sag. If these preventative methods do not work there are other ways to combat sag and the toll on gravity. Plastic surgery can lift and tighten the face in places where the sag is becoming noticeable.

One common surgical procedure that has a subtle but significant effect on the ageing face is the brow lift. By lifting the brow and forehead, the brow is restored to its youthful position, improving the eye area and reducing crow’s feet. Furthermore the subconscious muscular activity is avoided and the brow wrinkles smooth out for an overall softer and more youthful appearance in the face.

The traditional brow lift used to require a long scar over the top of the head, from ear to ear. The brow lift has become far more sophisticated recently and minimally invasive techniques mean that the same beneficial effects can be achieved using only 3 or 4 small scars, each less than 1cm long, hidden in the hair. This newer browlift is called the Endoscopic Brow Lift (or Endobrow Lift).

An endoscopic brow lift takes about one hour. There is usually a brief recovery period in the hospital for a few hours to make sure that everything during the surgery went well. Recovery from a brow lift usually takes about a week and it is important not to schedule any big event or go to any parties right after the surgery so the swelling and minor bruising has time to heal and disappear.

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