Split Earlobe Repair

VIP Split Earlobe Repair

Do you have a split earlobe that you need to have repaired? Going to a cosmetic surgeon is the answer that you are looking for.

If you wear heavy earrings, it can stretch the hole, enlarging it over time and eventually causing it to split. Also, the earlobe split could have been caused by an earring dangling and getting caught on your clothes or a child pulling on the dangle and ripping it from your ear.

Split earlobe repair can be done by a plastic surgeon. This is usually done in the office under local anaesthesia. The procedure is simple but must be done with care and skill. Simply suturing the split earlobe together will leave a straight scar that may contract and create a notch in the earlobe. It will also be weak and not possible to wear an earring in the same place. You will need to let things heal for a few months before getting your ear pierced again in a different location on the lobe. A plastic surgeon may be able to offer you techniques to minimise the chance of notching of the earlobe and may even be able to repair the split earlobe and keep the original hole for an earring. This may be important to you if you have a symmetrical piercing on the opposite earlobe.

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